More than 20 orphans children need financial support in Elim Family Orphanage. Most orphans have lost everything of value and go day-to-day without having access to basic medical care, adequate housing, proper clothing, or nutritious meals. Every day is a challenge for them to survive one more day. If an orphan does not find an adult to love them and to provide for their basic needs, they stand little chance of having a bright future. However, there is hope for each of these children - YOU! .

Lal Hlun Chhungi

A bout her

Lal Thla Muana

A bout him

Kyaw Naing Moe

A bout him

Grace Lal Zir Tluangi

A bout her


A bout her


A bout him

Basic need of Orphans

1) Elim Family Orphans House Rent - Every 6 months

2) Nutritious Foods

3) School Materials

4) School Fees

5) School Uniform and Other Clothes

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