Why we need these project:

1) For having this business for Orphanage in Yangon, we can support to 25 orphans children for

their daily needs - foods, school materials, school fees, clothes, and health without asking

people to donate every time.

2) We have been supporting those orphans children since 2008 by renting house in outside of

Yangon, Myanmar. We always got problem for renting house every six months for financial

limited. If we have our own business, we can cover up also the rent for boys and girls.

For me, I am not professional for fundraising and in leadership skill for supporting to Elim Family. In

these 7 years I was so struggle for raising Orphans children because of Financial limited and being

uneducated. Many time, I cries for all the 25 children needs for school, and lives. I and all these children from Elim Family need your help to complete the needs of the projects.

Your support is the future of these all parentless children.

Any amount your support will reach the GOAL of our project.


Ye Amar

These are the projects of Elim Family for covering up the expenses of the orphans in the future. We pray that God will touch His servant heart for donating and presenting in this project fulfillment. So that we can cover all the expenses of Elim Family Orphanage in Myanmar.

  Property including two separate building for Girl's dormitory and Boy's dormitory

(Financial needs: US$ 30,000 for both two property)

     Chicken Farm to cover up the ministry expenses such as schooling, food, shelter, medicals, etc...

(Financial needs: US$ 2,425)

  Mushroom Proposal to cover up the ministry expenses such as schooling, food, shelter, medicals needs, etc...

(Financial needs: US$16,333)

Project Proposal Details