Every Orphans in Elim Family has prayer meeting at:

1) Breakfast (Morning)

2) Lunch (Noon)

3) Dinner (Evening)

4) Devotional service in the morning and before bed

5) Fasting on Saturday

6) Sunday Worship

Join with us!

Prayer is powerful

What a blessing and privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer! Are you being called to pray for Every Orphan’s Hope? Here are some ways to lift us up in prayer:

Pray for our ORPHANS, and Elim Family

Pray for their health…that God will nourish their bodies with good food and clean drinking water.

Pray that they will develop a strong bond with our cook and family.

Pray that the Lord will protect them from any type of neglect or rejection from their peers.

Pray that they will work hard and excel in their academic pursuits.

Pray that they would come to know and trust the Lord as their Savior.

Pray that they will walk with the Lord daily and experience His grace and love in a real and personal way.

Pray that their faith is not shaken, despite the loss that they have endured.

Pray that the Lord speaks through the family as they guide, instruct, discipline and encourage to all orphan children.

Pray that the Lord uses the family as His vessel to bring all orphan children to salvation.

Pray that the local churches and communities act as a spiritual shield to protect the children, cook and family from worldly distractions that may lead them astray.

Pray that to have sponsors for each of the orphan children and the whole Elim Family.

Pray that you will continually be encouraged to join us in this great cause…and may you reap what you sow!

Pray that our project is essential needs of the whole Elim Family for daily needs and to covering up all expenses.

In Jesus’ Name